About Eurowood

Eurowood is a trusted, network-based B2B platform for the hardwood and timber industry. The enterprise has been established by 3 seasoned professionals of their respective fields.

After operating in the forestry and wood manufacturing areas for even a brief period of time it becomes apparent that it is extremely hard to find the right partners who can supply required materials in time, facilitate transport and logistics or open up a line of credit.

The process tends to require a significant amount of time and money in order to secure all partners that can meet the requirements and time of delivery constraints.

In order to save all participants valuable resources and avoid dealing with a variety of middlemen, the shareholders came up with the idea of Eurowood, a digital platform where parties involved in the timber and wood manufacturing industries can communicate and deal with each other directly.

It makes the tasks of searching for suppliers, sorting them by country, price or time of delivery a matter of seconds. Eurowood platform can also help to organize the transportation and storage of materials and products, facilitate escrow or banking services.

Platform users can post their proposals or product requests and receive instant notifications once a potential partner is identified.

Eurowood is the best environment for companies and individuals looking to increase sales, optimize operations or locate the best service providers in the wood and timber industry.


One of the shareholders is the former head executive in charge of Lithuanian forestry safekeeping and sustainable cultivation. Other two shareholders represent the wood manufacturing business and IT infrastructure solutions behind the Eurowood B2B platform.

Cumulative competences of Eurowood shareholders provide coverage for the whole business opportunity: in-depth knowledge of the raw materials and the regulation surrounding wood products, extensive knowledge of the timber manufacturing industry and its challenges, and the required IT infrastructure to build an intuitive online platform catering for the needs and expectations of network members in real-time.